Woodbridge Candle White Linen Sea Salt

Woodbridge Candle White Linen Sea Salt


A Scented Delight

Experience the Essence of Summer Mornings

Summer Morning Scented Elegance – Discover the White Linen Sea Salt Woodbridge Candle. A scent reminiscent of freshly washed linen, dried under a summer sun by the sea. With top notes of invigorating fresh air, it’s an olfactory journey to a serene beach house.

Top Notes: Breathe in Freshness

The initial aroma is a burst of fresh air, instantly uplifting your mood. It’s like opening your window to a gentle sea breeze.

Heart Notes: Sea Salt and Cotton

The heart of the candle lies in the blend of sea salt and cotton. These notes evoke the crispness of sea salt and the softness of cotton, harmoniously intertwined.

Base Notes: Warmth and Comfort

The base is a rich mixture of sandalwood, sea air, and cotton flower. These scents provide a warm, comforting finish, reminiscent of a peaceful shoreline.

Unparalleled Quality and Design

Triple Wick for Enhanced Aroma

The three cotton wicks ensure a faster and more even release of fragrance. This design enhances the candle’s efficiency, filling your space with its delightful aroma in no time.

Striking and Elegant Aesthetics

The candle’s label is a work of art, adorned with an oriental pattern in soothing blue and white. The elegant silver lid adds a touch of sophistication, making this candle a perfect addition to any decor.

Summer Morning Scented Elegance High-Quality Composition

Crafted with the finest ingredients, the Woodbridge scented candle promises an unforgettable scent experience. Its unique blend and quality construction set it apart in the world of scented candles.

Why Choose the White Linen Sea Salt Candle?

This candle is not just a scent; it’s an experience. It’s perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its aroma quickly fills your home, delighting everyone who enters.


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