Eucalyptus Fresh Mint Woodbridge Candle

Eucalyptus Fresh Mint Woodbridge Candle


Aromatic Tranquility in a Glass

Embrace Serenity with Every Light

Immerse in a Haven of Freshness with Eucalyptus Fresh Mint Relaxation: The Eucalyptus Fresh Mint Woodbridge Candle is more than just a scent; it’s a sensory journey. Infused with the refreshing blend of eucalyptus and mint, this candle transforms your space into a sanctuary of tranquility. Its aroma is a soothing embrace, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

A Symphony of Scents

Top Notes – A Crisp Beginning: Experience the invigorating rush of sandalwood and mint. These top notes set the stage for a refreshing experience, immediately uplifting your mood.

Heart Notes – The Essence: Peppermint and lemon interlace to form the heart of this candle. This combination brings a bright, clean aroma that revitalizes your senses and purifies your surroundings.

Base Notes – Earthy Foundation: Eucalyptus and pine anchor the fragrance. Their woody undertones provide a grounding effect, promoting calmness and balance.

Innovatively Crafted for Maximum Aroma

Three Wicks for Enhanced Scent Throw: This candle features three wicks, ensuring quicker and more even scent distribution. The multi-wick design guarantees a full-bodied fragrance experience in every corner of your room.

Elegant and Eye-catching Design: The Woodbridge Candle isn’t just a delight for the nose but also a feast for the eyes. Its intricately designed label, adorned with eucalyptus leaves, adds a touch of nature’s beauty to your decor. The sleek silver cap adds a modern twist, making it an ideal gift or a centerpiece for any setting.

Why Choose Woodbridge Eucalyptus Fresh Mint Relaxation?

Quality That Speaks: Woodbridge scented candles are synonymous with quality. Each candle promises an unforgettable scent experience, crafted with care and precision. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every light brings you closer to an oasis of calm.

Sustainability at Heart: We believe in harmony with nature. Our candles are eco-friendly, made with sustainable materials, and designed to be gentle on the planet.


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