Narciso Rodriguez’s All Of Me Eau De Parfum

Narciso Rodriguez’s All Of Me Eau De Parfum


Revel in Your Essence with Narciso Rodriguez's All of Me

Unveil Your Mystique Dive into a personal narrative with Narciso Rodriguez’s All of Me Eau de Parfum. This radiant fragrance is your unseen signature. The floral allure, inspired by the whimsy of light, showcases a charm as mesmerizing and unique as you.

Cherish Each Aspect All of Me takes you on an unusual scent journey. It boldly combines geranium bourbon, often found in men’s fragrances, with lush roses. Narciso Rodriguez amplifies this blend with a delicate chord of musk, crafting an inviting aura that tells tales of your many aspects.

Embrace Sustainable Beauty Boasting 88% natural ingredients, this eau de parfum reflects Narciso Rodriguez’s stride towards sustainable luxury. Hand-selected roses, geranium, and sandalwood are sourced with respect from local gardens. Every dawn, skilled artisans delicately pick roses from the cherished fields of Grasse, France. This commitment ensures a fragrance as considerate as it is captivating.

Behold The Crystal Elegance The sleek bottle, resembling sparkling prisms, encases the floral finesse of Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum All of Me. Its numerous facets symbolize the modern woman’s intricacy and grace, while the gentle pink hue alludes to the floral wonder inside.

Whispers of Scent

  • Top Notes: Engage with the soft murmur of magnolia essence.
  • Heart Notes: Bask in a bouquet of roses mingling with bold geranium bourbon.
  • Base Notes: Delicate musk and sandalwood offer a warm, grounding finale.

Product Specifications All of Me Eau de Parfum, enriched with 12-20% fragrance concentrate, is a daily companion that leaves a lingering trail of curiosity, showcasing the many layers of you.

Indulge in Fragrant Harmony Pair Narciso Rodriguez Eau de Parfum All of Me  with its series mates—the nourishing body lotion and the refreshing shower gel. Create a daily fragrance ritual. Each layer enriches the next, offering an immersive scent experience that celebrates every facet of you.



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