Unveiling the Essence of Togetherness

Discover a scent that encapsulates unity and timeless bonds with ZADIG & VOLTAIRE THIS IS US Eau de Toilette. Crafted meticulously by Mathilde Bijaoui, this fragrance is a seamless blend of enigmatic Vanilla, radiant Cashmeran™, and soothing Sandalwood that promises an endless trail of memories. This is more than just a perfume; it’s a narrative of enduring camaraderie and the spirit of shared moments.

Unleashing ZADIG & VOLTAIRE Fragrance Unity: THIS IS US! ZADIG & VOLTAIRE THIS IS US Eau de Toilette narrates a tale of togetherness. It symbolizes the essence of a youthful, free-spirited tribe bound by love, life, and joy. Each spray ignites the sentiment of undying friendship and a zest for shared experiences. It’s a reflection of unity, a manifestation of shared sentiments, an emblem of collective affinity.

The THIS IS US Tribe: Be a part of the Zadig tribe, a community that cherishes shared joys and expresses it through THIS IS US! It defies age, transcends gender, and celebrates the carefree essence of companionship. With every whiff, it reaffirms a casual lifestyle full of happiness and collective joy, turning the fragrance into a totem of shared bonds.

Indulge in Sensuality: THIS IS US envelops you in a soft texture that’s akin to a warm embrace. It marries the earthy notes of Cashmeran™ and Sandalwood with a sweet melody of Vanilla and the irresistible allure of Musks, elevated further with a vibrant touch of Patchouli. A fragrance so sensual, it lingers on like the beautiful memories shared with loved ones.

Boosters THIS IS US: Elevate the experience with attitude boosters. A touch of THIS IS FREEDOM! entices with a variation in aroma, while a dash of THIS IS HAPPINESS! leaves a sunny trail. Wear alone or blend with THIS IS US, amplifying your Zadig&Voltaire essence.

Application and Storage: Apply on pulse zones for a voluptuous sensation, embodying the spirit of THIS IS US! Preserve its essence by storing away from heat, humidity, and light, ensuring an enduring journey of togetherness.

Unfold the Composition:

  • Top notes: Captivating Vanilla
  • Heart: Radiant Cashmeran™
  • Base notes: Enveloping Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Musks.

Step into a world where fragrance fosters unity, and every spray is a celebration of shared memories with ZADIG & VOLTAIRE THIS IS US Eau de Toilette.



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