SOSU By Suzanne Jackson Sosu Lash Adhesive Remover

SOSU By Suzanne Jackson Sosu Lash Adhesive Remover


Discover the Secret to Easy Lash Glue Removal

When it comes to removing lash adhesive, the SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Lash Adhesive Remover does it best. Specifically formulated to dissolve our SOSU Hidden Agenda adhesive, this potent yet gentle solution takes the strain out of lash removal.

Gentle and Nourishing

Enriched with skin conditioning ingredients, this remover doesn’t just eliminate lash adhesive. It actively cares for your eyelashes, offering nourishment and protection. Gentle on your skin, yet effectively removes all traces of adhesive, it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Versatile and Refreshing

This lash adhesive remover offers a mild and gentle formula. Doubles as a makeup remover, cleansing your skin and leaving it feeling fresh and radiant after use.

Instructions for Use:

Step 1: Shake It Up

Shake the bottle well before use. This ensures an even distribution of ingredients, maximizing effectiveness.

Step 2: Apply Generously

Saturate a cotton pad with a generous amount of lash adhesive remover. The more product you apply, the easier the removal process.

Step 3: Gentle Wipe

Press the soaked cotton pad lightly against your eyelid. Wait for a few seconds, then sweep down, gently cleaning your lashes from root to tip. Avoid applying too much pressure, and let the product work its magic.

With SOSU by Suzanne Jackson Lash Adhesive Remover, removing lash adhesive becomes a breeze. Choose a product that works hard, so you don’t have to. Shop now and transform your beauty routine.


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