Fixodent Partials 0% Premium Denture Adhesive – 40g

Fixodent Partials 0% Premium Denture Adhesive – 40g


Discover the difference with Fixodent Partials Microseal.

Tailored for partial dentures, this adhesive delivers unmatched stability and protection. Enjoy every meal without hesitation.

Defining a Partial Denture A partial denture fills the gaps from a few missing teeth. Unlike full sets, it latches onto remaining teeth via clasps, ensuring easy removal. They’re a popular choice for many, offering a quicker adaptation period.

The Role of Denture Adhesive A shifting denture is no small inconvenience. It can irritate, cause gum sores, and disrupt your day. Enter the denture adhesive – your partial denture’s best friend. This adhesive ensures stability, confidence during meals, and no unwarranted surprises.

Why Choose Fixodent for Partials? Just one application of Fixodent Microseal for Partials ensures day-long security. Its innovative applicator lets you apply with precision. The outcome? An effective seal that triples the protection against food particles.

Application Made Easy Ensure your denture is clean and dry. Use Fixodent Microseal in thin stripes, starting small. Avoid the edges. Place your denture, holding it briefly. One daily application should suffice; if not, consult your dentist.

Premium Denture Adhesive Fixodent Usage Precautions Avoid Fixodent if allergic to its ingredients. Excessive adhesive is not advisable. Broken or ill-fitting dentures? See your dentist. Discontinue upon irritation and seek medical advice.

Safe Storage Keep it cool and dry. Note the expiry date. Always keep out of children’s reach.

Premium Denture Adhesive Fixodent Critical Information Consult with medical professionals if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have other health concerns. Every package comes with an instructional leaflet. Always use responsibly. For any concerns, get in touch with your GP.

Your journey with partial dentures just got easier. Choose Fixodent Partials Microseal – because every bite counts.


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