Gonk Heatable Character- Pink

Gonk Heatable Character- Pink


Snug & Toastie

Warm Up with Our Pink Gonk Heatable Teddy

Dive into comfort. Experience the warmth of our Gonk Heatable Character. Designed for those chilly winter nights, this cuddly friend ensures you stay snug and toastie.

Gently Scented, Microwavable Insert

Inside, you’ll find a special treat: a gently scented, heatable insert. Not only does it bring warmth, but it also infuses the air with a subtle, soothing scent. The perfect partner for relaxation.

Easy to Heat

Getting warm has never been easier. Simply remove the insert from your Gonk teddy. Next, place the insert into a clean microwave. But wait, there’s a twist! Halfway through the heating process, take out the insert and give it a good shake. This ensures even warmth. After the shake, return it to the microwave for the rest of the heating duration. We’ve even provided a handy table below to guide you through the process.

Delightful Characters Await

Our Gonk isn’t just about warmth. It boasts a delightful character that will surely make your heart melt. With its cute design, it promises to be a favorite companion during those cold nights.

Safety First

Always ensure your microwave is clean before heating the insert. By following the heating instructions carefully, you ensure a safe and delightful experience every time.


Pink Gonk Heatable Teddy Heating Instructions:

  1. Preparation: Remove the insert from the Gonk teddy.
  2. Initial Heating: Place the insert into a clean microwave. Begin the heating process.
  3. Shake & Even Out: After half the heating time, remove and shake the bag.
  4. Final Heating: Replace the insert in the microwave for the remaining time.
  5. Consult the Table: Make sure to refer to the table below for exact heating durations.

In conclusion, the Gonk Heatable Character is more than just a teddy. It’s a symbol of warmth, comfort, and delightful evenings. Make your winter nights unforgettable. Choose Gonk. Stay snug & toastie.


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