Lang’s Vanilla & Orange New Home Candle

Lang’s Vanilla & Orange New Home Candle


Illuminate New Beginnings

A Warm Welcome

New Home Scented Candle Embrace Homely Bliss: Infuse your new beginning with the LANGS Soy Candle, Happy New Home in Vanilla & Orange, hand-poured with care and attention.

Luxuriously Scented

A Symphony of Fragrance: The candle blends creamy vanilla with a zesty orange twist. It’s a scent that promises comfort and cheer in every corner.

Hand-Poured Perfection

Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each soy candle is hand-poured, ensuring quality and a personal touch in every tin.

Eco-Friendly Elegance

Conscious Comfort: Made with eco-friendly soy wax, it burns cleaner than traditional candles, releasing fragrance without harming the environment.

The Heart of Your Home

Create Lasting Memories: Light up this candle to celebrate life’s moments, big and small, in your new abode.

Thoughtful Housewarming Gift

Gift a Scent of Happiness: Present this LANGS Soy Candle to a friend or loved one as a symbol of warmth for their new home.

Delicate Design

Charm in Every Detail: The candle’s tin is adorned with delicate illustrations, fitting seamlessly into any decor.

Long-Lasting Glow

Hours of Ambience: Enjoy the long-lasting burn time, filling your space with a welcoming aroma for many evenings to come.

Serenity in Scent

Relax and Unwind: The fusion of vanilla and orange is perfect for relaxation, turning any room into a tranquil retreat.

Personalized Sentiments

Messages that Resonate: Each candle carries a heartfelt message, making it more than

a gift; it’s a sentiment of love and well-wishing for the new homeowners.

Ready to Display

No Extra Wrapping Needed: The stylish tin design means this candle is ready to be placed, admired, and enjoyed without additional wrapping or preparation.

Subtle, Soothing Light

Gently Illuminates Any Room: Once lit, the candle provides a soft, soothing glow, perfect for quiet evenings or gatherings in your new home.

Scented Journey

Awaken Your Senses: Let the candle take you on a sensory journey, enhancing the ambiance and making your new house truly feel like a home.

Celebrate the New Chapter

Mark the Occasion: Celebrate new beginnings and fresh starts with the light and fragrance of this special candle.


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