Narciso Rodriguez – “All Of Me” Body Lotion

Narciso Rodriguez – “All Of Me” Body Lotion


A Silken Embrace for Every Facet of You

Indulge in the essence of elegance with Narciso Rodriguez’s “All of Me” Body Lotion. This luxurious lotion, infused with the new women’s fragrance, envelops your skin in a silken embrace, celebrating the bold, self-assured woman within.

Narciso Rodriguez All of Me Crafted for the Confident

“All of Me” stands as a tribute to the self-assured women of today. It manifests a daring, prismatic floral aroma that resonates with the new-age, strong, self-aware woman who cherishes her uniqueness and steps forth in the world with unyielding self-confidence.

A Floral Reverie

Transitioning from traditional to contemporary, the scent bases itself on a multifaceted blend. The floral charm of precious Centifolia Rose intertwines seamlessly with the audacious touch of Geranium Bourbon – an essence usually earmarked for men’s colognes, bringing forth a blend that’s as fearless and distinctive as you are.

Musk: The Soft Undercurrent

Incorporating a delicate undercurrent of milky-white musk variants, the fragrance shifts into a realm of subtlety and soft allure. The six musk notes, each lending a unique dimension, weave around you a scent that feels like a second skin, welcoming each day with open arms.

Subtly Woody Base Notes

Transitioning into the base, the scent softly lands on a cushion of Musk and Sandalwood, cradling your senses in a warm, woody embrace. This soft landing contrasts beautifully with the bold floral entrance, exhibiting a balanced, well-rounded aura.

Sustainably Luxurious

“All of Me” Body Lotion isn’t merely a scent, but a journey towards sustainable luxury. With 88% natural ingredients, it not only treats your skin to an eco-friendly pamper but also supports the local farming communities. Every key ingredient, sourced responsibly, narrates a story of nature’s bounty and human endeavor.

Enwrap Yourself

The “All of Me” Body Lotion (200 ml) by Narciso Rodriguez is more than just a lotion; it’s a tribute to every facet of your being. With each application, you aren’t just nurturing your skin; you’re celebrating every dimension of your femininity.

Narciso Rodriguez All of Me Note Olfattive:

  • Top Notes: Magnolia
  • Heart Notes: Rosa, Geranium
  • Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood

Experience a silken voyage of self-love, uniqueness, and assertive femininity with Narciso Rodriguez’s “All of Me” Body Lotion. Unveil your essence, one layer at a time.


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