Dolce & Gabbana K EDT

Dolce & Gabbana K EDT


  • Citrus to Woody: A seamless transition from vibrant citrus to deep woody notes.
  • Aromatic Heart: The core of the fragrance embodies aromatic sophistication.
  • Lasting Masculinity: A signature scent that lingers, defining modern masculinity.

Embrace Tradition, Welcome Modernity

K by Dolce&Gabbana – a fragrance that captures the essence of a man who is regal in his demeanor yet familiar in his approach. Experience the perfect blend of classic and contemporary, where each note tells a story of the Mediterranean’s lush landscapes and rich traditions.


Mediterranean Woody Aromatic A Symphony of Scents

The Opening Act: Citrus Splendor
Dive into the Mediterranean vibrancy with the top notes of blood orange and Sicilian lemon. This citrus burst is not just an opening; it’s an invitation to a journey of discovery.

The Heart: Aromatic Elegance
As the journey unfolds, the heart notes of clary sage, geranium, lavandin, and pimento essence emerge. This blend is where tradition meets innovation, offering an aromatic experience that speaks of warm, amber accents and an energizing spark.

The Finale: Woody Depths
The base notes of cedarwood, green vetiver, and patchouli wrap the fragrance in a woody embrace. It’s a sensuous finale, providing a lasting impression of charismatic warmth and deep, lingering seduction.

Mediterranean Woody Aromatic – K by Dolce&Gabbana is not just a fragrance. It’s a declaration of strength, a badge of honor, and a symbol of dignity. It respects the past and seizes the present. From the first citrus whisper to the final woody echo, K embodies a man who leads with kindness and commands with respect.



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