MARC JACOBS Parfum Daisy 30 Drops

MARC JACOBS Parfum Daisy 30 Drops


Immerse yourself in a wave of freshness and charm with Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops

Designed to fit conveniently into your lifestyle, each compact tin contains 30 single-dose fragrance capsules, ready for your on-the-go days.


Joyful and invigorating, each capsule holds a gel-like perfume without alcohol, ensuring a lasting impact. As part of Marc Jacobs’ iconic Daisy collection, this fragrance encapsulates a captivating, long-lasting scent that will undoubtedly turn heads.


The fragrance unfolds with a tantalizing note of wild berries, awakening your senses. In the heart, violets bloom, bringing a touch of powdery sweetness. The final trace of sandalwood adds an earthy depth, creating an impeccable balance for this alluring and distinctly feminine fragrance.


Being sustainable, compact, and whimsical, Daisy Drops Signature is your perfect travel companion. To unleash this irresistible scent, simply twist a capsule, squeeze, and apply to your body’s pulse points, such as your neck, wrists, and décolletage.


Committed to a greener future, our packaging features a reusable aluminium tin and sustainable single-dose capsules. Taking your Daisy anywhere has never been so easy and eco-friendly.

FINAL NOTES OF Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops

Take pleasure in every drop of Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops, an ideal, playful fragrance for the modern woman. Its powerful allure, combined with its sustainable packaging, creates an enchanting fragrance experience you can take anywhere. Embrace the day with Daisy Drops and let your unique aroma shine.


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