Trojan Magnum Large Size Ribbed Condoms 12s

Trojan Magnum Large Size Ribbed Condoms 12s


Experience the Gold Standard

Maximize Pleasure with Every Encounter Discover the perfect blend of safety and pleasure with Trojan Magnum Large Size Ribbed Condoms. Specially crafted for those who demand more, these premium condoms are a step above the rest.

Sensational Ribbed Design Feel the difference with each motion. The spiral ribbing towards the tip amplifies pleasure for him, while the ribbing at the base enhances sensations for her. It’s mutual enjoyment at its finest.

Superior Comfort and Sensitivity Magnum Ribbed Comfort Coated with a silky smooth lubricant, these condoms promise comfort and heightened sensitivity. Every touch is more intense, every moment more electric.

Larger for a Luxurious Fit These large-size condoms are designed for those who find standard sizes restrictive. The generous proportions provide a more comfortable, spacious experience without compromising on safety.

Trustworthy Protection With Trojan Magnum Ribbed Condoms, you’re choosing the gold standard of reliability. Each condom is electronically tested, ensuring it’s up to the task of contraception and STI protection.

Magnum Ribbed Comfort Safety with Satisfaction

Premium Quality Latex Made from high-quality latex, these condoms are built to minimize the risk of pregnancy and STIs. Because when it comes to protection, you deserve the best.

Hypoallergenic While designed for ultimate pleasure, they also cater to health concerns. Be mindful, though, as they contain natural rubber latex, which may trigger allergic reactions in some individuals.

Important Usage Information

Generous Dimensions Each condom has a nominal width of 55mm, providing a comfortable fit for those requiring a larger size.

Please Note No contraception method can guarantee 100% effectiveness. Always read instructions carefully to ensure maximum protection and pleasure.


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