Green Angel Spiced Orange Gift Set

Green Angel Spiced Orange Gift Set


Unveiling Freshness

Introducing Green Angel’s latest masterpiece: the Spiced Orange Gift Set. Designed with you in mind.

Why Choose Green Angel Spiced Orange? Crafted with a fragrant blend of spiced orange. Offers a cozy, comforting aroma. Instantly elevates any room’s ambiance.

All-In-One Package This stunning set includes:

  1. Spiced Orange Room Spray (100ml): Instantly refresh your space.
  2. Spiced Orange Diffuser (100ml): Long-lasting scent distribution.
  3. Spiced Orange Candle (160ml): Ignite evenings with warmth.

Gift of Serenity Perfect for personal indulgence. An ideal gift for loved ones. Celebrate occasions or just because.

Sustainably Designed Beyond the aromatic treasures, the package dazzles. Repurpose the magnetic box for a chic twist.

Elevate Your Vanity Convert this box into a stylish makeup storage. Organize cosmetics effortlessly. The magnetic closure ensures safety.

Enjoy Multi-Purpose Utility Not just for cosmetics! Store jewelry, trinkets, or crafts. The choice is yours.

Why Green Angel? Green Angel commits to excellence. We ensure top-quality products for our customers. Trust in our brand’s legacy.

Conclusion Elevate your sensory experience with the Green Angel Spiced Orange Gift Set. Dive into a world of aromatic splendor today.

More than Just a Box After savoring the contents, don’t discard the box. Its sleek design with magnetic closure makes it perfect for organizing makeup. Just add compartments and watch your cosmetics find their perfect place.


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