Aloclair Plus Soothing Gel (8ml)

Aloclair Plus Soothing Gel (8ml)


  • Targets Mouth Ulcers: Provides quick relief and promotes healing.
  • Fast-Acting Relief: Immediate pain reduction upon application.
  • Sustained Protection: Forms a protective barrier for ongoing comfort.

Quick Relief, Lasting Protection

Fast Ulcer Relief Gel is designed to tackle mouth ulcers and minor oral lesions effectively. Its unique formulation offers fast pain relief and creates a protective barrier to aid in healing.


Your Go-To Solution for Mouth Ulcers


Here’s how Fast Ulcer Relief Gel stands out:

Effective Against Mouth Ulcers
Aloclair Plus targets mouth ulcers head-on. It reduces discomfort quickly and aids in the healing process, ensuring you get back to your routine without delay.

Fast-Acting Formula
Experience immediate relief from oral discomfort. Aloclair Plus starts working the moment it’s applied, providing fast and effective pain relief.

Long-Lasting Protection
Beyond immediate relief, Aloclair Plus offers extended protection. It forms a durable, invisible barrier over ulcers, shielding them from irritation and infection.

Natural Healing with Aloe Vera
Infused with the soothing powers of aloe vera, Aloclair Plus not only relieves pain but also nurtures the affected area, promoting faster healing.

Simple Application, Maximum Comfort
Using Aloclair Plus is straightforward. Apply 1 or 2 drops to cover the entire ulcer. For best results, follow these tips:

Avoid direct contact between the applicator and the lesion.
Keep the lesion untouched by the tongue for 2 minutes after application.
Ensure the cap is sealed after use.
Apply 3-4 times daily or as required.
Refrain from eating or drinking for 1 hour post-application.

Your Ideal Companion for Oral Care

Aloclair Plus Soothing Gel is a must-have in your oral care regimen. Its fast-acting, protective, and healing benefits make it the ideal solution for anyone suffering from mouth ulcers or minor oral lesions.


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