Ovelle Benzyl Benzoate 1l

Ovelle Benzyl Benzoate 1l


  • Effortless Application: Tailored for all ages with adjustable dilution.
  • Comprehensive Treatment: Ideal for scabies and pediculosis, ensuring deep care.
  • Safety First: Designed with your skin's sensitivity in mind, for a worry-free application.

Effortless Application, Remarkable Results

Ovelle Benzyl Benzoate Effective Skin Treatment Solution transforms your battle against scabies and pediculosis into a victory. With a simple, yet effective, application process, achieving clear skin has never been easier.


Ideal for Every Age

Whether it’s for you or your little ones, our formula is adaptable. Dilute it for children’s sensitive skin and apply confidently, knowing it’s crafted for comfort and efficacy.


Effective Skin Treatment Solution Safety Meets Efficiency

Experience the dual power of safety and effectiveness. Ovelle Benzyl Benzoate, designed with your well-being in mind, provides a reliable solution without compromising on safety.


Comprehensive Care for Your Skin

For Scabies: Apply from head to toe, excluding the face and neck. A two-night routine ensures a thorough treatment. Follow with a meticulous bath and fresh clothes for optimal results.

For Pediculosis: Target the affected areas with our formula. Leave it on for 24 hours for deep action. Repeat if necessary, ensuring a complete wardrobe and bedding change post-application.

For the Kids: Adjust the concentration with water for a gentle yet potent treatment. Keep their delicate skin in mind while combating skin irritants.


Important Guidelines
Apply with Care: Avoid sensitive areas to prevent irritation.
Consult for Facial Treatment: Seek professional advice for facial applications.
Maintain Cleanliness: Wash all clothes and bedding to eliminate reinfestation risks.

Warnings for the Wise
Watch for Reactions: Skin irritation at the application site is possible. Act promptly by consulting a healthcare provider if discomfort arises.
Avoid Overuse: Stick to recommended amounts. Excessive use may lead to adverse effects, including eye and mucous membrane irritation.
In Case of Overdose: Immediate medical attention is crucial. Follow standard emergency protocols to ensure safety.

Unveil Healthier Skin Today

Ovelle Benzyl Benzoate: Effective, Safe, and Simple

With Ovelle Benzyl Benzoate, embark on a journey to healthier skin. Our meticulously crafted formula offers a straightforward solution to scabies and pediculosis, ensuring comfort and efficacy.

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