Balance Activ BV Treatment Gel: Your Essential Partner for Vaginal Health

Introducing the Balance Activ BV Treatment Gel, a groundbreaking product designed to restore and maintain the natural pH of your vagina. This powerful formulation uses lactic acid and glycogen to promote an optimal vaginal environment.

Clinically Proven and Effective

The Balance Activ BV Treatment Gel stands out with its proven effectiveness. With an efficacy level on par with antibiotics, this unique gel works to alleviate symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Additionally, it encourages the growth of protective lactobacilli bacteria, ensuring a healthy vaginal balance.

Easy to Use

Our treatment gel is sold in packs of 7 one-a-day doses, providing a week’s worth of care in a convenient format. The application process is simple:

  1. Twist off the cap and insert the neck of the tube into the vagina.
  2. Squeeze out the contents while gradually removing the tube.
  3. Discard the tube after squeezing out all the gel.

We recommend wearing a panty liner as slight leakage may occur. However, rest assured, the gel continues to work effectively even if leakage occurs.

Superior Ingredients for Superior Care

The Balance Activ BV Treatment Gel’s potency lies in its main ingredients: lactic acid and glycogen. Lactic acid aids in restoring the vagina’s natural pH balance, while glycogen provides essential nutrients to stimulate the growth of beneficial lactobacilli bacteria.

Final Thoughts

Take control of your intimate health with the Balance Activ BV Treatment Gel, a product trusted by countless women worldwide. With this in your routine, experience the assurance of a healthy vaginal balance and relief from BV symptoms. Order today, and step into a new phase of wellbeing with the Treatment Gel.


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