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At Bayer, we pioneer Innovative Health Nutrition Solutions, drawing on decades of scientific research. Our mission is to meet and exceed humanity's most critical health and dietary needs. Spanning healthcare and agriculture, our diverse portfolio reflects our commitment to life sciences. We integrate these fields to offer revolutionary products and services, emphasizing prevention alongside treatment. Our core focus is on Innovative Health Nutrition Solutions, embodying our dedication to innovation, quality, and safety. From cutting-edge pharmaceuticals to advanced agricultural solutions, our work is both diverse and unified in purpose. The Bayer team believes that access to health and nutrition is a fundamental right. By collaborating on a global scale, we strive to make this vision a reality for every community. Our research teams push the boundaries of what is possible, driving positive change in health and agriculture. Bayer isn't just a company; it's a global force for good. With Innovative Health Nutrition Solutions driving us, we're shaping a future where everyone has access to the care and nutrition they deserve.