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Astral, a distinguished brand under DDD Ltd, is renowned for its enduring skincare formula, emblematic of reliability and efficacy. Over six decades, our moisturiser has remained a stalwart, owing its longevity to an unwavering commitment to quality. At the core of Astral's ethos lies a belief in simplicity and effectiveness. Unlike contemporary skincare brands that constantly alter compositions to chase fleeting trends, we have upheld our original blend, demonstrating that true beauty solutions endure. Crafted from meticulously chosen ingredients, our formula delivers deep hydration and shields against environmental stressors. It offers a versatile option for those seeking dependable skincare. Beyond our iconic moisturiser, Astral's dedication to quality and innovation echoes throughout the brand. Each product exemplifies our pledge to preserve the essence of timeless beauty while addressing modern consumers' needs. Choosing Astral entails embracing a skincare solution esteemed for its integrity, quality, and efficacy. As we forge ahead, our commitment remains unwavering, providing tried-and-tested skincare formulas to those who value traditional, effective skincare.