Our Heart Check Screening Service will include checking your cholesterol levels and takes approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

It will include:

  • A full lipid profile: This means that we will take a finger-prick sample of blood to measure your various lipid levels. This will indicate whether or not your cholesterol levels are considered acceptable. The ideal sample is one taken after 10-12 hours fasting. If possible, we would ask that you present after fasting from 10pm the night previous to your test.
  • A glucose level, taken from the same sample of blood, will indicate whether or not your glucose levels are at an acceptable level. It is preferable that this blood sample be taken when you are fasting also. You may take your usual medication, if applicable, with a glass of water on the morning of your test.
  • A blood pressure measurement is taken by using an inflatable cuff on the upper arm. It is more convenient if a sleeveless top or loose clothing is worn to facilitate this measurement.
  • A BMI measurement is calculated from height and weight measurements and can be a further indicator of cardiovascular risk.
  • A lifestyle review of factors which may affect a healthy heart includes reference to smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise regimes and diet.
  • A haemoglobin measurement. Haemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen around the body. From the same finger prick, we will assess the concentration of haemoglobin in your blood. Low haemoglobin can result in tiredness (fatigue) or a lack of energy and/or breathlessness. This in turn can cause palpitations, chest pains, headaches or dizzy spells.