NICORETTE® Inhaler 15mg

NICORETTE® Inhaler 15mg


  • Mimics smoking's hand-to-mouth action
  • Effectively delivers nicotine
  • Supports a gradual quitting process

Experience the Difference with Nicotine Inhaler Quit Smoking

When the urge to smoke strikes, the NICORETTE® Inhaler is there to help. Crafted to mimic the hand-to-mouth ritual of smoking, this device offers a practical solution for those aiming to quit. Transition smoothly with this innovative approach.


Designed for Convenience

The NICORETTE® Inhaler is portable and discreet. Easily carried in your pocket, it’s always ready when cravings hit. Moreover, it’s designed to be held just like a cigarette, keeping your hands busy and your mind off smoking.


Effective Nicotine Delivery

Each replaceable cartridge of the NICORETTE® Inhaler delivers controlled amounts of nicotine. This helps to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms effectively. It’s a trusted choice for smokers who are committed to quitting.


Flexible Usage

Customize your quitting journey with the NICORETTE® Inhaler. Each cartridge supports about 40 minutes of use. Use it in short bursts throughout the day or for longer periods when needed. It adapts to your lifestyle and quitting goals.


Easy to Use

Using the NICORETTE® Inhaler is straightforward. Align the markers to open the mouthpiece, insert a nicotine plug, and twist to close. After use, realign to open and remove the used plug. It’s that simple!


Gradual Reduction Strategy

Start by using the NICORETTE® Inhaler as often as needed. Over time, aim to decrease usage. This gradual approach can help you reduce nicotine dependency without severe withdrawal symptoms.


 Nicotine Inhaler Quit Smoking Health Benefits

Quitting smoking with the NICORETTE® Inhaler can lead to significant health improvements. Experience better breathing, reduced health risks, and an overall enhancement in quality of life as you break free from smoking.

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