Lactulose Fresenius 670Mg Ml 500Ml

Lactulose Fresenius 670Mg Ml 500Ml


Lactulose Fresenius offers relief from constipation in both children and adults.

Lactulose Fresenius Constipation Relief Purpose and Benefits

Serving as an effective solution, it primarily benefits adults and children ranging from 1 month to 18 years.

Consistent Dosing

For optimal results, it’s advised to maintain consistency. Take doses at the same time daily. This could be a single dose, perhaps at breakfast, or dispersed over three times in a day. Whether you prefer it undiluted or mixed in a drink, Lactulose Fresenius seamlessly fits into your routine.

Important Notes

However, always prioritize safety. Avoid its regular use in infants and tiny tots, as it may interfere with their natural stool-passing reflexes. Bear in mind, the full effect can span up to 48 hours.

Prime Ingredient

Diving into its composition, the key component is Lactulose, presented as lactulose liquid. Each milliliter packs a punch with 670 mg of lactulose.

Directions for Use

Before diving in, always review the manufacturer’s leaflet. Need more clarity? Your pharmacist stands ready to guide. To enhance its effect, ensure you’re hydrating well. Aim for around 2 liters or 6-8 glasses daily.

Lactulose Fresenius Constipation Relief Dosing Details

  • Adults: Begin with 15-45 ml. Settle into a routine with a maintenance dose of 15-30 ml.
  • Adolescents (Over 14): Start off with 15-45 ml. Consistently follow up with a 15-30 ml maintenance dose.
  • Children (7-14): A 15 ml starting dose works wonders. Thereafter, a 10-15 ml maintenance dose is ideal.
  • Little Ones (1-6): Begin their journey with 5-10 ml.
  • Babies: A gentle start of up to 5 ml is perfect.

Remember, health and well-being lie in following directions and staying informed. Choose Lactulose Fresenius for a comfortable and effective constipation remedy.

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